Interface Science Department

Interface Science Department

Our department investigates the unique structural, electronic, vibrational and chemical properties of size- and shape-selected nanostructures and thin films and their interfaces with gas and liquid environments.

Understanding the interplay between the numerous factors determining the physico-chemical behavior of such systems is crucial for optimizing their efficiency for applications in catalysis and more specifically in energy conversion. To this end, advanced synthesis methods and in situ / operando surface/bulk-sensitive characterization techniques are being employed in our department.

ISC News

For her contributions and dedication to the advancement of scientific research in Europe the Director of the Department of Interface Science was awarded with a membership to the Academy. more

This summer, four new scientists will be joining the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society with a Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers by the Humboldt Foundation. more

A research team from the Departments of Interface Science and Inorganic Chemistry was able to observe a copper catalyst during the reaction that converts the greenhouse gas CO2 into a chemical energy source. The information gained through their technique will further advance technologically important reactions for green energy production. more

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