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Welcome to the Fritz Haber Institute

The Fritz Haber Institute (FHI) of the Max Planck Society warmly welcomes you and wishes you all the best for your stay in Germany.
With these guidelines, we would like to inform you about the formal paperwork necessary for your stay and also to give you some basic information about living in Germany. Please note that some contact information may have changed and check the internet for the most current details.
We recommend visiting the official website of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany to get a first impression and a general idea about Germany before you come here.
The official Berlin website and Visit Berlin offer you a broader range of information about Berlin in various languages. If you are considering living in Potsdam, and potsdam-tourism will give you relevant information about the city, shopping, cultural events, health, social welfare and much more.
Further useful information is available on the very helpful and comprehensive Researchers-in-Motion Portal EURAXESS or How to Germany. The latter is also recommended for information on various issues like funding, taxes and even childcare.

International Office
For any questions or problems before or during your stay in Germany, feel free to contact the FHI’s International Office or your department’s secretary. You will receive assistance in finding an apartment, a kindergarten place, in filling in documents, and with other issues.
Please contact, or come by personally every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am until 12:00 am.
You will find the International Office on the second floor in building G, room 0.09, the phone number is +49 30 8413 5102.

How to go to the FHI
Please use the directions on our website How to reach us.

Arriving at the FHI
The secretaries supporting your department will provide you with a key to your office and the key card for all FHI buildings. They will also be able to answer most of your questions or will be able to advise who can answer them.

Department Contact Building / Room Phone email
Department of Inorganic ChemistrySibylle HartungF / 4.10+49 30 8413
Department of Interface ScienceDaniela NikolausA / 1.11+49 30 8413
Department of Molecular PhysicsManuela MischC / 1.12+49 30 8413
Department of Physical ChemistryDaria Haberland
Manuel Krüger
G / 1.07
G / 1.07
+49 30 8413 5113
+49 30 8413 5112
Department of Theory
Julia PachM / 1.05+49 30 8413

You will be given a guided tour of the FHI campus which will take you to a number of central service facilities as outlined in the next section.

Central Services at the FHI
During your guided tour across the FHI campus you will visit a number of central service facilities:

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