Service Groups

Service Groups

Service groups are important at the Fritz Haber Institute because they provide essential support for the scientific research. These service groups are specialized teams of professionals who offer various services such as technical support, administration, facility management, and IT support. They are crucial for the smooth functioning of the Institute and enable researchers to focus on their scientific work without worrying about administrative, technical, or facility-related tasks.

Some of the specific reasons why service groups are important at Fritz Haber Institute are:

  1. Technical Support: Many scientific research projects require specialized technical expertise and equipment. Service groups offer technical support for scientific experiments and help built, maintain and operate the various laboratory instruments and equipment.

  2. Administration: Service groups help manage administrative tasks such as budgeting, grant management, procurement, and HR support.

  3. Facility Management: Service groups provide facility management services such as building maintenance, cleaning, and safety and security protocols. This ensures that the research environment is safe, clean, and well-maintained.

  4. IT Support: Service groups provide IT support for researchers by maintaining the institute's computer systems, networks, and software. This allows researchers to focus on their scientific work.

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