Sustainability at the Fritz Haber Institute

Sustainability at the Fritz Haber Institute

Upcoming Events

  • 22th July: Sustainability Group E-meeting at 11 o'clock - email Milena to join

Want to get involved? Stay informed and register for our mailing list for meeting reports and news about upcoming events, and come to our next meeting. If you have any questions before that, feel free to contact us!

What We Do

Recently, society has become ever-more aware of the urge to transform to a sustainable economy and prevent the impact of climate change, pollution and species extinction. Research is key in this context, by collecting facts and sharing them to the wider public, as is done by the movement Scientists For Future.

At the FHI, in 2019 some members founded the Sustainability Group as part of the Max Planck Sustainability Network to make our contribution and raise awareness. We are organised into four focus groups - Food & Garden, Energy, Mobility and Recycling. If you are interested in participating, just approach the respective contact person.

Every two weeks, we discuss new ideas and their implementation during our meetings. Our focus groups present their news and talk about future plans and projects which we realize in close cooperation with the respective FHI member in charge. Some of our past and current activities include:

  • Planting of fruit trees and seeding wildflower meadows to support bees, birds and small animals
  • Repair, maintenance and future provision of rental bikes on the FHI site
  • Organisation of a Sustainable Lunch four times a year
  • Making the last Fritz Summer Party more sustainable - amongst other things, we advocated for regional and organic food (including the burger meat and a vegetarian alternative) and against disposable tableware
  • Provision of more bike parking racks
  • Advocate for climate friendly business trip policy for FHI members

And many more will follow!

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