Communication & Information Management

The Fritz Haber Institute is committed to excellence in science and research. The Communication & Information Management service group plays a crucial role in implementing this mission by providing essential services in the areas of communication and information management. This group is divided into two specialized teams: Press & Public Relations and Publication Services.

Press & Public Relations

As the central point of contact for external and internal communication concerns, this team takes responsibility for the science communication of the FHI. It purposefully prepares scientific content and achievements of the institute and presents them to a diverse audience (News). Through the coordination and implementation of a wide range of activities, including events, guided tours, the maintenance of the institute's website, the publication of newsletters, and the design of social media presence, the team aims to broadly communicate the research achievements and scientific successes of the institute. The main goal is to bring the research results of the FHI closer to a comprehensive public and significantly increase the global visibility of the institute as well as its scientists.

Publication Services

This team provides fundamental support in the area of publication management and open access publishing. It ensures the availability of the entire publication output of the FHI in the institutional repository of the Max Planck Society, MPG.PuRe. The bibliographic data provided there not only fulfill internal and external reporting obligations but are also available for a wide range of reuse. Additionally, the team supports the scientists of the FHI throughout the entire publication process, from searching for funding to selecting the appropriate license, and publishing in green open access to meet the requirements of funding organizations.

Further information and support is available to FHI employees via the MAX Intranet.


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