Dr. Hendrik Bluhm

Dr. Hendrik Bluhm

Building F / Room 1.09
Dr. Melanie  Müller

Dr. Melanie Müller

Hendrik Bluhm and Melanie Müller, elected in May 2023 for a three-year term

The Ombudsperson deals with issues of scientific misconduct and: 

  • promotes a culture of scientific integrity
  • may initiate dialogue with institute management, but has no obligation to pass on information to it
  • is obliged to preserve confidentiality
  • may confide to the Ombudsperson at the section level, and if need be, report to the MPG
  • is independent of and has a different function than the Works Council (Betriebsrat)
  • is not a mediator in interpersonal and managerial conflicts, as long as these do not amount to scientific misconduct

"Anyone who finds himself/herself confronted with specific circumstances which might violate the rules of good scientific practice or give cause to suspicion of scientific misconduct should be afforded an effective opportunity to voice his/her concerns without fear of retribution against his/her own person."

"The purpose of the Ombudsperson is to provide a point of contact and advice independent of the institute management to those wishing to give evidence or information."

[From the "Guidelines fo the Scientific Council for Electing Ombudspersons at Institutes of the Max Planck Society" (Feb 2001; amended Feb 2006)]

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