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 Data archive



The AC-Sample Archive (SAAC) was arranged in 2004. The archive consists of a database, implemented in the intranet, and coupled with the physical storage of sample material in appropriate containers in a cabinet. The significance of SAAC and benefit for the scientific work of the department is:

  • Unambiguous labeling of all samples prepared in the department;
  • Easy and quick access to all relevant data concerning and describing the sample;
  • Central storage of all samples, setting an end to the hitherto dispersion of our samples over the whole department, and the usual desperate search for the most important but missing sample;
  • Storage of reference material for further experimentation if necessary;
  • Storage of samples prepared by former colleagues, retired from the institute, keeping the relevant data and preventing the samples from become trash after the producer has gone;


Use of SAAC

Data Base
After preparation of the sample, a new entry in the data base has to be created. Access via the home-page of the department, Database, Sample Archive; the username is [acsn], for the password, ask your group leader. When generating a new entry, a self explaining mask will appear. Finally, the system will generate the label (a permanent number) dedicated to the sample.

To store the sample, there are metallic cupboards with drawers already labeled. Currently, the magazine is located in F 2.07. Please use exclusively the appropriate ampoules of rectangular profile to keep order, to maximize the capacity of the magazine, and to facilitate the search for samples. The ampoule is labeled with the number generated by the data base for the new sample (please sign also the cap on the top). The ampoules are also available in F 2.07. The volume of the ampoules is about 30 ml and large enough for storage of reference material. If your sample material exceeds this capacity, you are requested to store the rest elsewhere.
When you take an ampoule from the magazine (for experimentation), you must leave a note. For this purpose, you will find dummies made of aluminum to replace the missing ampoule. A note with the sample number and your name can be placed in a slit in the top of the dummy. Your colleagues will be grateful not to waste time by searching for missing samples.

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