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Zhang, P., J. Fan, Y. Wang, Y. Dang, S. Heumann and Y. Ding: Insights into the role of defects on the Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotube and biomass-derived carbon. Carbon 222, 118998 (2024).
Yue, S., Q. Li, C. Zeng, A. Klyushin, R. Farra, M.G. Willinger and X. Huang: Structural and chemical transformations of CuZn alloy nanoparticles under reactive redox atmospheres: an in situ TEM study. Nano Research, in press.
Velasco Vélez, J., D. Bernsmeier, R. Mom, P. Zeller, Y. Shao-Horn, B. Roldan Cuenya, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schlögl and T. Jones: Iridium Oxide Coordinatively Unsaturated Active Sites Govern the Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Water. Advanced Energy Materials 2303407 (2024).
Haase, F., E. Ortega, S. Saddeler, F. Schmidt, D. Cruz, F. Scholten, M. Rüscher, A. Martini, H. Jeon, A. Herzog, U. Hejral, E. Davis, J. Timoshenko, A. Knop-Gericke, T. Lunkenbein, S. Schulz, A. Bergmann and B. Roldan Cuenya: Role of Fe Decoration on the Oxygen Evolving State of Co3O4 Nanocatalysts. Energy & Environmental Science 17 (5), 2046–2058 (2024).
Ghafari, A. and C. Janowitz: Electronic band structure and thermoelectric properties of ternary SnSxSe2-x (x = 0,1,2). Materials Today Communications 38, 107483 (2024).
Hübner, J., L. Lucchetti, H.N. Nong, B. Paul, M. Kroschel, J. Kang, D. Teschner, S. Behrens, F. Studt, A. Knop-Gericke, S. Siahrostami and P. Strasser: Cation Effects on the Acidic Oxygen Reduction Reaction at Carbon Surfaces. ACS Energy Letters 9, 1331–1338 (2024).
Schneider, P.M., K.L. Kollmannsberger, C. Cesari, R. Khare, M. Boniface, B. Roldan Cuenya, T. Lunkenbein, M. Elsner, S. Zacchini, A.S. Bandarenka, J. Warnan and R.A. Fischer: Engineering ORR Electrocatalysts from Co8Pt4 Carbonyl Clusters via ZIF-8 Templating. ChemElectroChem 11 (5), e202300476 (2024).
Eren, E.O., C. Esen, E. Scoppola, Z. Song, E. Senokos, H. Zschiesche, D. Cruz, I. Lauermann, N.V. Tarakina, B. Kumru, M. Antonietti and P. Giusto: Microporous Sulfur-Carbon Materials with Extended Sodium Storage Window. Advanced Science 2024, 2310196 (2024).
Ding, Y., Y. Liu, A. Klyushin, L. Zhang, G. Han, Z. Liu, J. Li, B. Zhang, K. Gao, W. Li, R.-A. Eichel, X. Sun, Z.-A. Qiao and S. Heumann: Ultrathin Two-dimensional Layered Composite Carbosilicates from in situ Unzipped Carbon Nanotubes and Exfoliated Bulk Silica. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 63 (7), e202318043 (2024).
Erdem, E., A. Tarasov, P. Kube, G. Koch, M. Plodinec, T. Lunkenbein, S. Carey, Y. Wang, M. Hävecker, F. Rosowski, R. Schlögl and A. Trunschke: The Influence of Melting on Catalysis in Propane Oxidation. ChemCatChem 16 (3), e202301242 (2024).
Carbonio, E., F. Sulzmann, D. Teschner, J. Velasco Vélez, M. Hävecker, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schlögl and T. Jones: Thermal synthesis of electron deficient oxygen species on crystalline IrO2. Catalysis Science & Technology 14 (3), 572–580 (2024).
Sandoval Diaz, L., D. Cruz, M. Vuijk, G. Ducci, M. Hävecker, W. Jiang, M. Plodinec, A. Hammud, D. Ivanov, T. Götsch, K. Reuter, R. Schlögl, C. Scheurer, A. Knop-Gericke and T. Lunkenbein: Metastable nickel-oxygen species modulate rate oscillations during dry reforming of methane. Nature Catalysis 7, 161–171 (2024).
Klokishner, S., J. Melsheimer, F.C. Jentoft and R. Schlögl: Correction: Optical bands of dodecanuclear compounds H4PVMo11O40∙yH2O with Keggin structure. Semiclassical vibronic model. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 26 (5), 4766–4766 (2024).
Chen, S., J. Jelic, D. Rein, S. Najafishirtari, F. Schmidt, F. Girgsdies, L. Kang, A. Wandzilak, A. Rabe, D.E. Doronkin, J. Wang, K.F. Ortega, S. DeBeer, J.-D. Grunwaldt, R. Schlögl, T. Lunkenbein, F. Studt and M. Behrens: Highly loaded bimetallic iron-cobalt catalysts for hydrogen release from ammonia. Nature Communications 15, 871 (2024).
Santaya, M., C.E. Jiménez, M.D. Arce, E. Carbonio, L.M. Toscani, R. Garcia-Diez, A. Knop-Gericke, L.V. Mogni, M. Bär and H.E. Troiani: Exsolution versus particle segregation on (Ni,Co)-doped and undoped SrTi0.3Fe0.7O3-δ perovskites: Differences and influence of the reduction path on the final system nanostructure. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (98), 38842–38853 (2023).
Chee, S.W., T. Lunkenbein, R. Schlögl and B. Roldan Cuenya: Operando Electron Microscopy of Catalysts: The Missing Cornerstone in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research? Chemical Reviews 123 (23), 13374–13418 (2023).
Liu, P., A. Klyushin, P.C. Surendran, A. Fedorov, W. Xie, C. Zeng and X. Huang: Carbon Encapsulation of Supported Metallic Iridium Nanoparticles: An in Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Study and Implications for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. ACS Nano 17 (23), 24395–24403 (2023).
Antonyshyn, I., O. Sichevych, U. Burkhardt, A.M.B. Jiménez, A. Melendez-Sans, Y.-F. Liao, K.-D. Tsuei, D. Kasinathan, D. Takegami and A. Ormeci: Al-Pt intermetallic compounds: HAXPES study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (45), 31137–31145 (2023).
Bonati , L., D. Polino, C. Pizzolitto, P. Biasi, R. Eckert, S. Reitmeier, R. Schlögl and M. Parrinello: The role of dynamics in heterogeneous catalysis: Surface diffusivity and N2 decomposition on Fe(111). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120 (50), e231302312 (2023).
Blume, R., W. Calvet, A. Ghafari, T. Mayer, A. Knop-Gericke and R. Schlögl: Structural and Chemical Properties of NiOx Thin Films: Oxygen Vacancy Formation in O2 Atmosphere. ChemPhysChem 24 (23), e202300231 (2023).
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