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Chee, S.W., T. Lunkenbein, R. Schögl and B. Roldan Cuenya: Operando Electron Microscopy of Catalysts: The Missing Cornerstone in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research? Chemical Reviews, in press.
Hegen, O., J.I.S. Gomez, R. Schlögl and H. Ruland: The potential of NO+ and O2+• in switchable reagent ion Proton Transfer Reaction time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry. Mass Spectrometry Reviews 42 (5), 1688–1726 (2023).
Kollmannsberger, K.L., Poonam, C. Cesari, R. Khare, T. Kratky, M. Boniface, Tomanec Ondřej, Michalička Jan, E. Mosconi, A. Gagliardi, Günther Sebastian, W. Kaiser, T. Lunkenbein, S. Zacchini, J. Warnan and R.A. Fischer: Mechanistic Insights into ZIF-8 Encapsulation of Atom-Precise Pt(M) Carbonyl Clusters. Chemistry of Materials 35 (14), 5475–5486 (2023).
Müllner, S., T. Held, T. Tichter, P. Rank, D. Leykam, W. Jiang, T. Lunkenbein, T. Gerdes and C. Roth: Impact of Functional Groups in Reduced Graphene Oxide Matrices for High Energy Anodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 170 (7), 070523 (2023).
Marshall, C.P., J. Schumann and A. Trunschke: Achieving Digital Catalysis: Strategies for Data Acquisition, Storage and Use. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62 (30), e202302971 (2023).
Rüther, F., R. Baumgarten, F. Ebert, E. Gioria, R.N. d'Alnoncourt, A. Trunschke and F. Rosowski: Tuning catalysis by surface-deposition of elements on oxidation catalysts via atomic layer deposition. Catalysis Science & Technology 13, 4117–4130 (2023).
Santaya, M., C.E. Jiménez, M.D. Arce, E. Carbonio, L.M. Toscani, R. Garcia-Diez, A. Knop-Gericke, L.V. Mogni, M. Bär and H.E. Troiani: Exsolution versus particle segregation on (Ni,Co)-doped and undoped SrTi0.3Fe0.7O3-δ perovskites: Differences and influence of the reduction path on the final system nanostructure. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, in press.
Schultz, T., M. Kneiß, P. Storm, D. Splith, H. von Wenckstern, C.T. Koch, A. Hammud, M. Grundmann and N. Koch: Growth of κ-([Al,In]xGa1-x)2O3 Quantum Wells and Their Potential for Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetectors. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 15 (24), 29535–29541 (2023).
Maudet, F., A. Hammud, M. Wollgarten, V. Deshpande and C. Dubourdieu: Insights on the variability of Cu filament formation in the SiO2 electrolyte of quantized-conductance conductive bridge random access memory devices. Nanotechnology 34 (24), 245203 (2023).
Deka, N., T.E. Jones, L.J. Falling, L. Sandoval Diaz, T. Lunkenbein, J.-J. Velasco-Velez, T.-S. Chan, C.-H. Chuang, A. Knop-Gericke and R.V. Mom: On the Operando Structure of Ruthenium Oxides during the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media. ACS Catalysis 13 (11), 7488–7498 (2023).
Carbonio, E., F. Sulzmann, A. Klyushin, M. Hävecker, S. Piccinin, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schlögl and T. Jones: Adjusting the Chemical Reactivity of Oxygen for Propylene Epoxidation on Silver by Rational Design: The Use of an Oxyanion and Cl. ACS Catalysis 13 (9), 5906–5913 (2023).
Diego, G., M.D. Higham, M.G. Quesne, M. Aramini, R. Xu, A.I. Large, G. Held, J. Velasco Vélez, M. Hävecker, A. Knop-Gericke, C. Genovese, C. Ampelli, M.E. Schuster, S. Perathoner, G. Centi, C.R.A. Catlow and R. Arrigo: Interfacial Chemistry in the Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of CO2 over C-Supported Cu-Based Systems. ACS Catalysis 13 (9), 5876–5895 (2023).
Buttersack, T., H. Haak, H. Bluhm, U. Hergenhahn, G. Meijer and B. Winter: Imaging temperature and thickness of thin planar liquid water jets in vacuum. Structural Dynamics 10 (3), 034901 (2023).
Velasco Vélez, J., J. Poon, D. Gao, C.-H. Chuang, A. Bergmann, T. Jones, S.-C. Haw, J.-M. Chen, E. Carbonio, R. Mom, D. Ivanov, R. Arrigo, B. Roldan Cuenya, A. Knop-Gericke and R. Schlögl: Cationic Copper Species Stabilized by Zinc during the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 Revealed by In Situ X-Ray Spectroscopy. Advanced Sustainable Systems 7 (5), 2200453 (2023).
Huart, L., M. Fournier, R. Dupuy, R. Vacheresse, M. Reinhardt, D. Cubaynes, D. Céolin, M.A.H. du Penhoat, J.P. Renault, J.-M. Guigner, A. Kumar, B. Lutet-Toti, J. Bozek, I. Ismail, L. Journel, P. Lablanquie, F. Penent, C. Nicolasa and J. Palaudoux: First (e,e) coincidence measurements on solvated sodium benzoate in water using a magnetic bottle time-of-flight spectrometer. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (16), 11085–11092 (2023).
Dupuy, R., J. Filser, C. Richter, T. Buttersack, F. Trinter, S. Gholami, R. Seidel, C. Nicolas, J. Bozek, D. Egger, H. Oberhofer, S. Thürmer, U. Hergenhahn, K. Reuter, B. Winter and H. Bluhm: Ångstrom-Depth Resolution with Chemical Specificity at the Liquid-Vapor Interface. Physical Review Letters 130 (15), 156901 (2023).
Abou-Ras, D., U. Bloeck, S. Caicedo-Dávila, A. Eljarrat, H. Funk, A. Hammud, S. Thomas, D.R. Wargulski, T. Lunkenbein and C.T. Koch: Correlative microscopy and monitoring of segregation processes in optoelectronic semiconductor materials and devices. Journal of Applied Physics 133 (12), 121101 (2023).
Esquius, J.R., D.J. Morgan, G. Algara-Siller, D. Gianolio, M. Aramini, L. Lahn, O. Kasian, S.A. Kondrat, R. Schlögl, G.J. Hutchings, R. Arrigo and S.J. Freakley: Lithium-Directed Transformation of Amorphous Iridium (Oxy)hydroxides To Produce Active Water Oxidation Catalysts. Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (11), 6398–6409 (2023).
Küstner-Wetekam, C., L. Marder, D. Bloß, C. Honisch, N. Kiefer, C. Richter, S. Rubik, R. Schaf, C. Zindel, M. Förstel, K. Gokhberg, A. Knie, U. Hergenhahn, A. Ehresmann, P. Kolorenč and A. Hans: Experimental quantification of site-specific efficiency of Interatomic Coulombic Decay after inner shell ionization. Communications Physics 6, 50 (2023).
Henning, A., J.D. Bartl, L. Wolz, M. Christis, F. Rauh, M. Bissolo, T. Grünleitner, J. Eichhorn, P. Zeller, M. Amati, L. Gregoratti, J.J. Finley, B. Rieger, M. Stutzmann and I.D. Sharp: Spatially-Modulated Silicon Interface Energetics Via Hydrogen Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Ultrathin Alumina. Advanced Materials Interfaces 10 (6), 2202166 (2023).
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