List of publications of Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl

Journal Article
Klingehof, M.; Hauke, P.; Brückner, S.; Dresp, S.; Wolf, E.; Nong, H. N.; Merzdorf, T.; Bernsmeier, D.; Teschner, D.; Schlögl, R. et al.; Strasser, P.: Modular Design of Highly Active Unitized Reversible Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts. ACS Energy Letters 6 (1), pp. 177 - 183 (2021)
Journal Article
Chee, S. W.; Lunkenbein, T.; Schlögl, R.; Roldan Cuenya, B.: In situ and Operando Electron Microscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis – Insights into Multi-Scale Chemical Dynamics. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (accepted)
Journal Article
Zeradjanin, A. R.; Spanos, I.; Masa, J.; Rohwerder, M.; Schlögl, R.: Perspective on experimental evaluation of adsorption energies at solid/liquid interfaces. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 25 (1), pp. 33 - 42 (2021)
Journal Article
Ruiz Esquius, J.; Algara-Siller, G.; Spanos, I.; Freakley, S. J.; Schlögl, R.; Hutchings, G. J.: Preparation of Solid Solution and Layered IrO x-Ni(OH)2Oxygen Evolution Catalysts: Toward Optimizing Iridium Efficiency for OER. ACS Catalysis 10 (24), pp. 14640 - 14648 (2020)
Journal Article
Spanos, I.; Masa, J.; Zeradjanin, A.; Schlögl, R.: The Effect of Iron Impurities on Transition Metal Catalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Environment: Activity Mediators or Active Sites? Catalysis Letters (2020)
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