Publications of S. A. Ding

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Journal Article
S.R. Barman, S.A. Ding, G. Neuhold, K. Horn, D. Wolfframm and D.A. Evans: Electronic band structure of zinc blende. Physical Review B 58 (11), 7053–7058 (1998).
Journal Article
S.A. Ding, S.R. Barman, K. Horn, H. Yang, B. Yang, O. Brandt and K. Ploog: Valence band discontinuity at a cubic GaN/GaAs heterojunction measured by synchrotron-radiation photoemission spectroscopy. Applied Physics Letters 70 (18), 2407–2409 (1997).
Journal Article
S.A. Ding, G. Neuhold, J.H. Weaver, P. Häberle, K. Horn, O. Brandt, H. Yang and K. Ploog: Electronic structure of cubic gallium nitride films grown on GaAs. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology. A 14 (3), 819–824 (1996).
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