Publications of J. H. Weaver

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Journal Article
P. Baumgärtel, J. Paggel, M. Hasselblatt, K. Horn, V. Fernandez, O. Schaff, J.H. Weaver, A.M. Bradshaw, D.P. Woodruff, E. Rotenberg and J. Denlinger: Structure determination of the (√3×√3)R30° boron phase on the Si(111) surface using photoelectron diffraction. Physical Review B 59 (20), 13014–13019 (1999).
Journal Article
S.A. Ding, G. Neuhold, J.H. Weaver, P. Häberle, K. Horn, O. Brandt, H. Yang and K. Ploog: Electronic structure of cubic gallium nitride films grown on GaAs. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology. A 14 (3), 819–824 (1996).
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