Catalysis with Metals group

November 30, 2021


CatLab project

What is CatLab?

Hydrogen is a key building block for a successful energy transition. The main innovation in CatLab is the use of thin-film technologies from solar technology for the synthesis of customised catalysts. CatLab is anchored in BASIC RESEARCH and in parallel there is a bridge to APPLICATION.


  • Generation of green H2
  • Long-distance transport and storage of H2 by synthetic energy carriers (e.g. NH3, methanol, methane, LOHC)
  • Energy-efficient further conversions into synthetic fuels and basic chemicals
  • Electrical energy supply for catalytic processes
  • Research into the interaction of active catalyst component with the carrier substance

Sample preparation

Thin films samples preparation is carried out by Helhmholtz Zentrum Berlin







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