Spectroscopy in CatLab project

Dr. Matus Stredansky, Dr. Eylül Öztuna

The spectroscopic analysis of the thin film samples relies on X-ray based techniques performed in BESSY synchrotron facility. In particular, the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) offers a high surface sensitivity that allows the investigation of the topmost thin layer and the influence of different sample preparations and pretreatment on the chemical state of the metal. The study of the catalyst before and after a catalytic test allows to elucidate the processes that have occurred in reaction conditions including the initial activation or the deactivation over time. Moreover, in our beamlines (ISISS, BelChem and CAT beamlines) it is also possible to reach near ambient pressure conditions that offers a unique possibility to perform an advanced spectroscopic analysis underin situ and operando conditions. Within these conditions it is possible to track the changes of the chemical state of each element in the sample under stream and follow the conversion with a dedicated GC line that samples the exhausts.


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