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09/20 Lab Update
First Signal of the next generation buffer gas machine.
08/20 Publication
The b3Σ+ state of AlF allows for efficient spectroscopic detection of molecules in the a3Π state and is a candidate for optical cycling. We determined its radiative lifetime, fine and hyperfine structure spectroscopically. We observed and described the perturbation between the b3Σ+ and the nearby A1Π state that arises from spin-orbit coupling with a constant Aso of 10 cm-1.
Mol. Phys., accepted, Preprint.
11/19 Publication
The AlF spectroscopy paper is finally finished and published.
We measured the detailed energy level structure of AlF in the X1Σ+ electronic ground state, in the A1Π state, and in the metastable a3Π state that are relevant for our laser cooling and trapping experiments. In our study, we determined the rotational, vibrational and electronic branching ratios from the A1Π state and concluded that AlF is an excellent candidate for laser cooling on any Q-line of the A1Π - X1Σ+ transition and for trapping at high densities.
Read it at PRA with open access: Link. Preprint available at arXiv.
11/19 Lab Update
We report the transverse deflection of a cryogenic beam of AlF molecules by scattering photons on the Q(1) line of the main cooling transition. The deflection in the preliminary picture on the left corresponds to 40 scattered photons and a deflection of 1.7mm.
11/17 Lab Update
First laser system to produce up to 200 mW of 227nm light is installed. Picture by Eike Mucha.
07/17 Lab Update
First signal of our new favourite molecule: AlF. We drive the a3Pi1 - X1Sigma transition near 367 nm with a doubled pulsed dye laser and ionize the molecules with an excimer laser.
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