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Beamtime @ SOLEIL - Pléiades - February 2024

This February we had another beamtime at the beamline Pléiades located in the synchrotron SOLEIL (Paris). We investigated Photoelectron Angular Distributions (PADs) from liquid micojets and flatjets.

Christmas/New year's party - Jan 2024

We had to postpone the Christmas party in our institute due to a wave of Covid infections. What took place instead was a Christmas + New year's party that began with a retrospective and announcements for 2024 from our director, Gerard Meijer.

Lab experiments - January 2024

Our friend and collaborator Christian Schewe spent almost two weeks performing experiments in our machine at the FHI, using the He lamp. He likes to study exotic systems such as liquid metal (GaIn and GaInSn alloys) and solutions which solvents aren’t water: acetonitrile, THF and others.

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