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EASI goes back home (FHI) - December 2023

After another successful beamtime, now EASI has to go back home. Let's crane it up, pack everything, and put it in a truck from Hamburg to Berlin!

Beamtime @ DESY (P04) / Hamburg - November 2023

Another beamtime at our well-known corner of the PETRA III building at DESY: the P04 beamline, which allows us, among many other projects, to perform PECD measurements in liquid phase with its undulators capable of producing circularly polarized light (both helicities) in a wide energy range (250 to 3000 eV).

Wandertag (Hiking day) - September 2023

The Molecular Physics department went for a nice morning of exploration in the Berlin Undergrounds, to witness first-hand some of the World War II scenarios in our city such as a bunker in a Metro station. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed there. In the afternoon, we had a nice walk towards the second adventure of the day: Mini Golf!

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