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Beamtime @ SOLEIL / Pléiades (Paris) - April 2023

Michele's beamtime on sugars proved very challenging, yet very rewarding and left us with many lessons learned! We specially thank Christophe (beamline scientist) and Rémi (collaborator) for their invaluable help.

Beamtime @ DESY / Petra III - March 2023

The planets align and Stephan was finally able to join us at the P04 beamline. And Sebastian prepares the new evaporator for not-so-volatile samples (no alanine this time...). Works great!

Karen’s good-bye dinner - March 2023

Good luck Karen. Thank you for the nice and successful two years.

Molecular Physics Department Meeting @ Schloss Ringberg - February 2023

A highlight in the life of the whole department was the three-day outing to Ringberg castle, the conference site of the Max-Planck-Society in the Bavarian Alps. This was the first such meeting after two cancellations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Henrik Haak updates on flat jet assemblies and the LJ-VMI progress.

News from the FHI Laboratory - February 2023

Moving on with the development of Liquid-Jet Velocity-Map-Imaging (VMI). Still, many technical challanges to be solved, but the main chamber is prepared for the first tests.

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