Core and Third Party Funding

Core and Third Party Funding

The base funding of the Theory Department comes from the Max Planck Society.

DFG Cluster of Excellence EXC 2089
Coordinators: T. Bein, U. Heiz, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 01/2019 – 12/2025
DFG Cluster of Excellence EXC2008
Group Leaders: K. Reuter, S. Matera.
Funding period: 01/2019 - 12/2025
Utilization and Development of Machine Learning for Molecular Applications – Molecular Machine Learning
DPG Priority Program SPP 2363
Project: AI-Empowered Universal Workflow for Molecular Design of Performant Photoswitches
PIs: S. Hecht, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 03/2022 - 02/2025
Catalysts and reactors under dynamic operation conditions for energy storage and conversion
DFG SPP 2080 DynaKat
Project: Transient high-temperature oxygen evolution reaction
PIs: R. Eichel, C. Scheurer, R. Schlögl
Funding Period: 02/2019 – 01/2022
Perovskite semiconductors: From fundamental properties to devices
DPG Priority Program SPP 2196
Project: Lead-free double perovskite materials for photovoltaic applications
PIs: T. Bein, V. Dyakonov, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 03/2020 - 02/2023
Molecular and multiscale modelling of the dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients
DFG Research Project RE1509/18-2
PIs: H. Briesen, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 05/2017 – 12/2022
Facilitating the rational design of active sites for the oxygen evolution reaction on 3d transition metal oxide catalysts
DFG Research Project RE1509/33-1
PIs: C. Plaisance, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 03/2018 – 04/2022
Multi-scale modeling of electrochemical interfaces: New methods and applications to RuO2 surfaces
DFG Research Project RE1509/35-1
PIs: K. Reuter
Funding Period: 05/2018 – 04/2022
Transition metal carbides for electrochemical CO2 reduction
D-A-CH DFG Research Project RE1509/36-1
PIs: J. Kunze, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 01/2019 – 01/2023
LMCat, Formation of two-­‐dimensional materials on liquid metal catalysts: An in situ investigation
Horizon2020 FET Project
PIs: G. van Baarle, C. Galiotis, I. Groot, O. Konovalov, G. Renaud, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 02/2017 – 03/2021
BMBF Kopernikus Project, Cluster FC A1
PI: K. Reuter
Funding Period: 09/2019 – 08/2022

Advanced applied materials for hybrid solid-state batteries - AdamBatt
BMBF Neue Materialien für Batteriesysteme
Förderung deutsch-taiwanesischer Forschungskooperationen (Batterie DE-TWN)
PIs: O. Guillon, M. Finsterbusch, R. Eichel, J. Janek, F. Richter, J. Tübke, K. Ahlbrecht,
K. Reuter, C. Scheurer
Funding Period: 01.12.2020 - 31.10.2023
In situ und Operando Plating Detektion in Batterien - InOPlaBat

In situ und Operando Plating Detektion in Batterien - InOPlaBat

BMBF-Kompetenzcluster Analytik / Qualitätssicherung - AQua
PIs: D. U. Sauer, R. Eichel, J. Mayer, U. Simon, K. Reuter
Funding Period: 01/2021 – 12/2023
CatLab. BMBF National Hydrogen Strategy
MPG Directors: R. Schlögl, B. Roldan, K. Reuter, S. de Beer.
Funding period: 03/2021 - 02/2025
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