PhD, Master and Bachelor Theses

A complete list of our PhD, Master and Bachelor Theses from 2011 until today

Previous Publications

A complete list of previous publications of the Reuter group from 1996 to 2020

Current publications of the Theory Department

Yoo, S.-H., L.S. Aota, S. Shin, A.A. El-Zoka, P.W. Kang, Y. Lee, H. Lee, S.-H. Kim and B. Gault: Dopant Evolution in Electrocatalysts after Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in an Alkaline Environment. ACS Energy Letters 8 (8), 3381–3386 (2023).
Vondrák, M., K. Reuter and J. Margraf: q-pac: A Python package for machine learned charge equilibration models. The Journal of Chemical Physics 159 (5), 054109 (2023).
Lai, K.C., S. Matera, C. Scheurer and K. Reuter: A fuzzy classification framework to identify equivalent atoms in complex materials and molecules. The Journal of Chemical Physics 159 (2), 024129 (2023).
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Jung, H., L. Sauerland, S. Stocker, K. Reuter and J. Margraf: Machine-learning driven global optimization of surface adsorbate geometries. npj Computational Materials 9, 114 (2023).
Margraf, J.: Science-Driven Atomistic Machine Learning. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62 (26), e202219170 (2023).
Lin, Q., H. Lan, C. Ma, R.T. Stendall, K. Shankland, R.A. Musgrave, P.N. Horton, C. Baldauf, H.-J. Hofmann, C.P. Butts, M.M. Müller and A.J.A. Cobb: Crystal Structure and NMR of an α,δ-Peptide Foldamer Helix Shows Side-Chains are Well Placed for Bifunctional Catalysis: Application as a Minimalist Aldolase Mimic. Angewandte Chemie International Edition e202305326 (2023).
Zheng, Y., A.S. Petersen, H. Wan, R. Hübner, J. Zhang, J. Wang, H. Qi, Y. Ye, C. Liang, J. Yang, Z. Cui, Y. Meng, Z. Zheng, J. Rossmeisl and W. Liu: Scalable and Controllable Synthesis of Pt-Ni Bunched-Nanocages Aerogels as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Advanced Energy Materials 13 (20), 2204257 (2023).
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Mairegger, T., H. Li, C. Grießer, D. Winkler, J. Filser, N. Hörmann, K. Reuter and J. Kunze-Liebhäuser: Electroreduction of CO2 in a Non-aqueous Electrolyte-The Generic Role of Acetonitrile. ACS Catalysis 13 (9), 5780–5786 (2023).
Kastlunger, G., H. Heenen and N. Govindarajan: Combining First-Principles Kinetics and Experimental Data to Establish Guidelines for Product Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction. ACS Catalysis 13 (7), 5062–5072 (2023).
Lai, K.C., D.-J. Liu and J.W. Evans: Nucleation-mediated reshaping of facetted metallic nanocrystals: Breakdown of the classical free energy picture. The Journal of Chemical Physics 158 (10), 104102 (2023).
Huss, T. and I.M. Dixon: Electronic Structure and Geometry of the Lowest 2LMCT State of Fe(III) Potential Fluorescent Emitters. Inorganic Chemistry 62 (10), 4284–4290 (2023).
Anníes, S., C. Scheurer and C. Panosetti: The intrinsic electrostatic dielectric behaviour of graphite anodes in Li-ion batteries-Across the entire functional range of charge. Electrochimica Acta 444, 141966 (2023).
Petersen, A.S., K.D. Jensen, H. Wan, A. Bagger, I. Chorkendorff, I.E.L. Stephens, J. Rossmeisl and M. Escudero-Escribano: Modeling Anion Poisoning during Oxygen Reduction on Pt Near-Surface Alloys. ACS Catalysis 13 (4), 2735–2743 (2023).
Margraf, J., H. Jung, C. Scheurer and K. Reuter: Exploring catalytic reaction networks with machine learning. Nature Catalysis 6 (2), 112–121 (2023).
Schreck, S., E. Diesen, M. Dell’Angela, C. Liu, M. Weston, F. Capotondi, H. Ogasawara, J. LaRue, R. Costantini, M. Beye, P.S. Miedema, J.H. Stenlid, J. Gladh, B. Liu, H.-Y. Wang, F. Perakis, F. Cavalca, S. Koroidov, P. Amann, E. Pedersoli, D. Naumenko, I. Nikolov, L. Raimondi, F. Abild-Pedersen, T.F. Heinz, J. Voss, A.C. Luntz and A. Nilsson: Atom-Specific Probing of Electron Dynamics in an Atomic Adsorbate by Time-Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters 129 (27), 276001 (2022).
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Li, M., M. Tang, H. Dai, T. He and Z. Wang: A binder-free, well-integrated metal–organic frameworks@polypyrrole nanofilm electrocatalyst for highly efficient and selective reduction of carbon dioxide. Materials Today Energy 30, 101140 (2022).
Peng, J., D. Schwalbe-Koda, K. Akkiraju, T. Xie, L. Giordano, Y. Yu, C.J. Eom, J.R. Lunger, D.J. Zheng, R.R. Rao, S. Muy, J.C. Grossman, K. Reuter, R. Gómez-Bombarelli and Y. Shao-Horn: Human- and machine-centred designs of molecules and materials for sustainability and decarbonization. Nature Reviews Materials 7 (12), 991–1009 (2022).
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Türk, H., E. Landini, C. Kunkel, J. Margraf and K. Reuter: Assessing Deep Generative Models in Chemical Composition Space. Chemistry of Materials 34 (21), 9455–9467 (2022).
Stocker, S., J. Gasteiger, F. Becker, S. Günnemann and J. Margraf: How robust are modern graph neural network potentials in long and hot molecular dynamics simulations? Machine Learning: Science and Technology 3 (4), 045010 (2022).
Brösigke, G., J.-U. Repke, R. Schomäcker and S. Matera: The closer the better? Theoretical assessment of the impact of catalytic site separation for bifunctional core-shell catalyst particles. Chemical Engineering Journal 446 (1), 136891 (2022).
Türk, H., T. Götsch, F. Schmidt, A. Hammud, D. Ivanov, ( H. J. L. G., I.C. Vinke, R.-A. Eichel, R. Schlögl, K. Reuter, A. Knop-Gericke, T. Lunkenbein and C. Scheurer: Sr Surface Enrichment in Solid Oxide Cells – Approaching the Limits of EDX Analysis by Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Simulations. ChemCatChem 14 (19), e202200300 (2022).
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Boix, V., W. Xu, G. D’Acunto, J. Stubbe, T. Gallo, M.D. Strømsheim, S. Zhu, M. Scardamaglia, A. Shavorskiy, K. Reuter, M. Andersen and J. Knudsen: Graphene as an Adsorption Template for Studying Double Bond Activation in Catalysis. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (33), 14116–14124 (2022).
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Wengert, S., G. Csányi, K. Reuter and J. Margraf: A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Structure Stability Prediction in Molecular Co-crystal Screenings. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 18 (7), 4586–4593 (2022).
Mei, J., J. Shang, T. He, D. Qi, L. Kou, T. Liao, A. Du and Z. Sun: 2D/2D Black Phosphorus/Nickel Hydroxide Heterostructures for Promoting Oxygen Evolution via Electronic Structure Modulation and Surface Reconstruction. Advanced Energy Materials 12 (25), 2201141 (2022).
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