Publications of Chun-Hsien Huang

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
C.-H. Huang, Q. Zhang, T.-C. Chou, C. Chen, D.S. Su and R.-A. Doong: Three-Dimensional Hierarchically Ordered Porous Carbons with Partially Graphitic Nanostructures for Electrochemical Capacitive Energy Storage. ChemSusChem: chemistry & sustainability, energy & materials 5 (3), 563–571 (2012).
Journal Article
C. Chen, Q. Zhang, J.-Q. Huang, W. Zhang, X.-C. Zhao, C.-H. Huang, F. Wei, Y.-G. Yang, M.-Z. Wang and D.S. Su: Chemically derived graphene-metal oxide hybrids as electrodes for electrochemical energy storage: pre-graphenization or post-graphenization? Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (28), 13947–13955 (2012).
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