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Journal Article
X. Ni, G. Carini, W. Ma, E.M. Renzi, E. Galiffi, S. Wasserroth, M. Wolf, P. Li, A. Paarmann and A. Alù: Observation of directional leaky polaritons at anisotropic crystal interfaces. Nature Communications 14, 2845 (2023).
Journal Article
S. Waßerroth, G. Gordeev, S. Juergensen and P. Kusch: Exploiting plasmonic enhancement with light-emitting diode excitation in surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 53 (8), 1380–1385 (2022).
Journal Article
R. Niemann, S. Waßerroth, G. Lu, S. Gewinner, M. De Pas, W. Schöllkopf, J.D. Caldwell, M. Wolf and A. Paarmann: Long-wave infrared super-resolution wide-field microscopy using sum-frequency generation. Applied Physics Letters 120 (13), 131102 (2022).
Journal Article
G. Gordeev, S. Waßerroth, H. Li, B. Flavel and S. Reich: Moiré-Induced Vibrational Coupling in Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Letters 21 (16), 6732–6739 (2021).

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J. Matson, S. Waßerroth, X. Ni, M. Obst, K. Diaz-Granados, G. Carini, E. Renzi, E. Galiffi, T.G. Folland, L. Eng, J. Klopf, S. Mastel, S. Armster, V. Gambin, M. Wolf, S.C. Kehr, A. Alu, A. Paarmann and J. Caldwell: Controlling the Propagation Asymmetry of Hyperbolic Shear Polaritons in Beta-Gallium Oxide. Research Square, in press.
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