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Journal Article
S. Reiche, R. Blume, X.-C. Zhao, D.S. Su, E.L. Kunkes, M. Behrens and R. Schlögl: Reactivity of mesoporous carbon against water – An in-situ XPS study. Carbon 77, 175–183 (2014).
Journal Article
X.-C. Zhao, Q. Zhang, C. Chen, B.S. Zhang, S. Reiche, A. Wang, T. Zhang, R. Schlögl and D.S. Su: Aromatic sulfide, sulfoxide, and sulfone mediated mesoporous carbon monolith for use in supercapacitor. Nano Energy 1 (4), 624–630 (2012).
Journal Article
N.B.A. Mansor, J.-P. Tessonnier, A. Rinaldi, S. Reiche and M.G. Kutty: Chemically Modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) with Anchored Acidic Groups. Sains Malaysiana 41 (5), 603–609 (2012).
Journal Article
S. Sahin, P. Mäki-Arvela, J.-P. Tessonnier, A. Villa, S. Reiche, S. Wrabetz, D.S. Su, R. Schlögl, T. Salmi and D.Y. Murzin: Palladium Catalysts Supported on N-functionalized Hollow Vapour-Grown Carbon Nanofibers: The Effect of the Basic Support and Catalyst Reduction Temperature. Applied Catalysis A 408 (1-3), 137–147 (2011).

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S. Reiche, N. Bt Asari Mansor, M. Aronson, X. Zhao, E.L. Kunkes, J.-P. Tessonnier, M. Behrens and R. Schlögl:

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
S. Reiche: Insights into heterogeneous catalysts for the HMF synthesis from biomass. Technische Universität Berlin
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