Publications of Elisabeth Wolf

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
P. Kraus, E. Wolf, C. Prinz, G. Bellini, A. Trunschke and R. Schlögl: Towards automation of operando experiments: A case study in contactless conductivity measurements. Digital Discovery 1 (3), 241–254 (2022).
Journal Article
M. Klingehof, P. Hauke, S. Brückner, S. Dresp, E. Wolf, H.N. Nong, T. Merzdorf, D. Bernsmeier, D. Teschner, R. Schlögl and P. Strasser: Modular Design of Highly Active Unitized Reversible Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts. ACS Energy Letters 6 (1), 177–183 (2021).
Journal Article
E. Wolf, M.-M. Millet, F. Seitz, F.A. Redeker, W. Riedel, G. Scholz, W. Hetaba, D. Teschner, S. Wrabetz, F. Girgsdies, A. Klyushin, T. Risse, S. Riedel and E. Frei: F-doping of nanostructured ZnO: a way to modify structural, electronic, and surface properties. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (20), 11273–11285 (2020).
Journal Article
L. Zwiener, T. Jones, E. Wolf, F. Girgsdies, M. Plodinec, A. Klyushin, E. Willinger, F. Rosowski, R. Schlögl and E. Frei: Synthesis and Characterization of Ag‐Delafossites AgBO2 (B: Al, Ga, In) from a Rapid Hydrothermal Process. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (18), 2333–2345 (2019).

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
E. Wolf: The interfacial contact of Cu/ZnO, and doped ZnO - different routes to modify the electronic, structural, and catalytic properties. Freie Universität Berlin
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