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Journal Article (6)

Journal Article
R. Püttner, P.M. Schmidt-Weber, T. Kampen, C. Kolczewski, K. Hermann and K. Horn: Identification of isomers in the gas phase and as adsorbates by near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy: Cis- and trans-stilbene. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 215, 16–21 (2017).
Journal Article
M. Ruiz-Osés, Oteyza, I. Fernández-Torrente, N. González-Lakunza, P.M. Schmidt-Weber, T.U. Kampen, K. Horn, A. Gourdon, A. Arnau and J.E. Ortega: Non-Covalent Interactions in Supramolecular Assemblies Investigated with Electron Spectroscopies. ChemPhysChem 10 (6), 896–900 (2009).
Journal Article
R. Cortes, A. Mascaraque, P. Schmidt-Weber, H. Dil, T.U. Kampen and K. Horn: Coexistence of Racemic and Homochiral Two-Dimensional Lattices Formed by a Prochiral Molecule: Dicarboxystilbene on Cu(110). Nano Letters 8 (12), 4162–4167 (2008).
Journal Article
M. Ruiz-Osés, T.U. Kampen, N. González-Lakunza, I. Silanes, P.M. Schmidt-Weber, A. Gourdon, A. Arnau, K. Horn and J.E. Ortega: Spectroscopic Fingerprints of Amine and Imide Functional Groups in Self-Assembled Monolayers. ChemPhysChem 8 (11), 1722–1726 (2007).
Journal Article
P.M. Schmidt, K. Horn, J.H. Dil and T.U. Kampen: Conformational isomers of stilbene on Si(1 0 0). Surface Science 601 (8), 1775–1780 (2007).
Journal Article
R. Horn, G. Mestl, M. Thiede, F.C. Jentoft, P.M. Schmidt, M. Bewersdorf, R. Weber and R. Schlögl: Gas phase contributions to the catalytic formation of HCN from CH4 and NH3 over Pt: An in situ study by molecular beam mass spectrometry with threshold ionization. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (18), 1 (2004).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
P.M. Schmidt-Weber, R. Püttner, C. Kolczewski, K. Hermann, K. Horn and T.U. Kampen: On or Off? Identifying isomerisation in molecular switches. In: BESSY Highlights 2006. (Eds.): H. Henneken, M. Sauerborn, and BESSY GmbH. Berliner Elektronenspeichering-Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung m.b.H. - BESSY, Berlin, 18–19 (2007).

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
T.U. Kampen, J.W. Kim, P.M. Schmidt-Weber, J.H. Dil and K. Horn: Circular dichroism of adsorbed chiral molecules. In: Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena., xxvii-xxvii (2007).

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Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
P. Schmidt-Weber: Functionalisation of Surfaces: Isomerisation and Chirality of Adsorbed Molecules. Freie Universität Berlin
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