Publications of Remi Dupuy

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
R. Dupuy, J. Filser, C. Richter, R. Seidel, F. Trinter, T. Buttersack, C. Nicolas, J. Bozek, U. Hergenhahn, H. Oberhofer, B. Winter, K. Reuter and H. Bluhm: Photoelectron angular distributions as sensitive probes of surfactant layer structure at the liquid-vapor interface. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24 (8), 4796–4808 (2022).
Journal Article
R. Dupuy, C. Richter, B. Winter, G. Meijer, R. Schlögl and H. Bluhm: Core level photoelectron spectroscopy of heterogeneous reactions at liquid-vapor interfaces: Current status, challenges, and prospects. The Journal of Chemical Physics 154 (6), 060901 (2021).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
C. Richter, R. Dupuy and H. Bluhm: Investigation of Liquid-Vapor Interfaces with APXPS. In: Ambient Pressure Spectroscopy in Complex Chemical Environments. (ACS Symposium Series). American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 39–66 (2021).
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