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Journal Article
M. Doppelbauer, N. Walter, S. Hofsäss, S. Marx, H.C. Schewe, S. Kray, J. Pérez-Ríos, B.G. Sartakov, S. Truppe and G. Meijer: Characterisation of the b3Σ+ state and its interaction with the A1Π state in aluminium monofluoride. Molecular Physics 119 (1-2), e1810351 (2021).
Journal Article
S. Truppe, S. Marx, S. Kray, M. Doppelbauer, S. Hofsäss, H.C. Schewe, N. Walter, J. Pérez-Ríos, B.G. Sartakov and G. Meijer: Spectroscopic characterization of aluminum monofluoride with relevance to laser cooling and trapping. Physical Review A 100 (5), 052513 (2019).
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