Publications of Boris G. Sartakov

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
S. Wright, M. Doppelbauer, S. Hofsäss, H.C. Schewe, B.G. Sartakov, G. Meijer and S. Truppe: Cryogenic Buffer Gas beams of AlF, CaF, MgF, YbF, Al, Ca, Yb and NO -- a comparison. Molecular Physics e2146541 (2022).
Journal Article
J.H. Lee, J. Bischoff, A.O. Hernandez-Castillo, B.G. Sartakov, G. Meijer and S. Eibenberger Arias: Quantitative study of enantiomer-specific state transfer. Physical Review Letters 128 (17), 173001 (2022).
Journal Article
S. Hoekstra, J. Gilijamse, B. Sartakov, N. Vanhaecke, L. Scharfenberg, S.Y.T.van de Meerakker and G. Meijer: Optical Pumping of Trapped Neutral Molecules by Blackbody Radiation. Physical Review Letters 98, 133001 (2007).
Journal Article
A. Bekkerman, E. Kolodney, G.von Helden, B. Sartakov, D.van Heijnsbergen and G. Meijer: Infrared multiphoton ionization of superhot C60: Experiment and model calculations. The Journal of Chemical Physics 124, 184312–1-184312–11 (2006).

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
S. Hofsäss, J.E. Padilla-Castillo, S. Wright, S. Kray, R. Thomas, B.G. Sartakov, B. Ohayon, G. Meijer and S. Truppe: High-resolution isotope-shift spectroscopy of Cd I., in press.
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