Publications of Katja Ober

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Journal Article
Taccone, M., D. Thomas, K. Ober, S. Gewinner, W. Schöllkopf, G. Meijer and G.von Helden: Infrared action spectroscopy of the deprotonated formic acid trimer, trapped in helium nanodroplets. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (15), 10907–10916 (2023).
Journal Article
Thomas, D., M. Taccone, K. Ober, E. Mucha, G. Meijer and G.von Helden: Helium Nanodroplet Infrared Action Spectroscopy of the Proton-Bound Dimer of Hydrogen Sulfate and Formate: Examining Nuclear Quantum Effects. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125 (42), 9279–9287 (2021).
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