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Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Doppelbauer, M., N. Walter, S. Hofsäss, S. Marx, H.C. Schewe, S. Kray, J. Pérez-Ríos, B.G. Sartakov, S. Truppe and G. Meijer: Characterisation of the b3Σ+ state and its interaction with the A1Π state in aluminium monofluoride. Molecular Physics 119 (1-2), e1810351 (2021).
Journal Article
Hofsäss, S., M. Doppelbauer, S. Wright, S. Kray, B.G. Sartakov, J. Pérez-Ríos, G. Meijer and S. Truppe: Optical cycling of AlF molecules. New Journal of Physics 23 (7), 075001 (2021).
Journal Article
Truppe, S., S. Marx, S. Kray, M. Doppelbauer, S. Hofsäss, H.C. Schewe, N. Walter, J. Pérez-Ríos, B.G. Sartakov and G. Meijer: Spectroscopic characterization of aluminum monofluoride with relevance to laser cooling and trapping. Physical Review A 100 (5), 052513 (2019).

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Hofsäss, S., J.E. Padilla-Castillo, S. Wright, S. Kray, R. Thomas, B.G. Sartakov, B. Ohayon, G. Meijer and S. Truppe: High-resolution isotope-shift spectroscopy of Cd I., in press.
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