Catalysis on Oxides group



Molecular spectroscopy

  • Raman spectrometer TriVista TR557 (S&I Spectroscopy & Imaging GmbH) equipped with a confocal Raman microscope, lasers sources: 785, 633, 532, 488, 457, 442, 355, 325, 266 nm, Linkam CCR-1000 reactor stage for in-situ studies coupled with a micro GC (Agilent) and a mass spectrometer OmniStar (Pfeiffer Vacuum),
    see for example: Abstract online   ... ››
  • FITR spectrometers (Cary 680 (Agilent), Varian-670 FTIR spectrometer, Spectrum 100 (Perkin Elmer)) equipped with MCT detectors and in-situ cells for measurements in transmission, diffuse reflectance and ATR,
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  • UV-vis-NIR spectrometer Cary 5000 (Agilent) and Lambda 650 UV-vis spectrometer (Perkin Elmer) equipped with Harrick DR accessories (HVC-VUV-4) for in-situ studies,
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  • Photoluminescence spectrometer LS-55 (Perkin Elmer) equipped with a red-sensitive photomultiplier R928 from Hamamatsu Photonics that allows the detection of emissions in the range between 200 and 900 nm and a sample pretreatment and gas dosing system,
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Test reactors

  • Single-tube, cascade, and parallel (ILS) fixed-bed reactors for gas phase oxidation equipped with GC-MS, GC (Agilent), on-line gas analyzer (X-Stream, Emerson/Rosemount), and MS OmniStar™ (Pfeiffer Vacuum),
    for application of a parallel reactor see for example:
    Abstract online   ... ››

    for application of temperature-programmed reaction and SSITKA experiments see for example:
    Article online   ... ››
  • Single and parallel reactors for hydrogenation reactions at high pressures,
    see for example: Abstract online   ... ››

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