Program for Class WS 2013/2014

Modern Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research

R. Schlögl FHI ACRules and regulations of scientific praxis
R. Schlögl FHI ACUnifying concepts in heterogeneous catalysis
A. Trunschke FHI ACSurface area and pore analysis
M. Behrens FHI ACCatalyst synthesis
A. Knop-Gericke FHI ACX-ray emission spectroscopy
M. Willinger FHI ACScanning methods in electron microscopy I
T. Lunkenbein FHI ACScanning methods in electron microscopy II
F. Girgsdies FHI ACPhase analysis and structure refinement – a tutorial
D. Teschner FHI ACThermal desorption spectroscopy
J. Tornow FHI ACBattery research
C. Roth FU BerlinElectrochemistry in fuel cells
A. Tarasov FHI ACTemperature-programmed reduction and oxidation
M. Eichelbaum FHI ACCharge transport in catalysis
C. Sprung FHI ACKinetic investigation of heterogeneous catalysts
R. Schomäcker TU BerlinMass transfer in heterogeneous catalysis
S. Wrabetz FHI ACMicrocalorimetry – a tutorial
R. Arrigo FHI ACCharacterization of electrochemical surfaces
G. Mul University of TwenteInfrared spectroscopy
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