Publications of Yi-Jun Xu

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Journal Article
Y.-J. Xu, R. Arrigo, X. Liu and D.S. Su: Characterization and use of functionalized carbon nanotubes for the adsorption of heavy metal anions. New Carbon Materials 26 (1), 57–62 (2011).
Journal Article
Y.-J. Xu, X. Liu, G. Cui, B. Zhu, G. Weinberg, R. Schlögl, J. Maier and D.S. Su: A Comparative Study on the Lithium-Ion Storage Performances of Carbon Nanotubes and Tube-in-Tube Carbon Nanotubes. ChemSusChem 3 (3), 343–349 (2010).
Journal Article
Y. Zhang, S. Wei, W. Zhang, Y.-J. Xu, S. Liu, D.S. Su and F.-S. Xiao: Titania Nanocrystals and Adsorptive Nanoporous Polymer Composites: An Enrichment and Degradation System. ChemSusChem: chemistry & sustainability, energy & materials 2 (9), 876–872 (2009).
Journal Article
Y.-J. Xu, G. Weinberg, X. Liu, O. Timpe, R. Schlögl and D.S. Su: Nanoarchitecturing of Activated Carbon: New Facile Strategy for Chemical Functionalization of the Surface of Activated Carbon. Advanced Functional Materials 18 (22), 3613–3619 (2008).
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