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Journal Article
R. Horn, G. Mestl, M. Thiede, F.C. Jentoft, P.M. Schmidt, M. Bewersdorf, R. Weber and R. Schlögl: Gas phase contributions to the catalytic formation of HCN from CH4 and NH3 over Pt: An in situ study by molecular beam mass spectrometry with threshold ionization. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (18), 1 (2004).
Journal Article
J. Melsheimer, M. Thiede, R. Ahmad, G. Tzolova-Müller and F.C. Jentoft: Improved experimental setup for in situ UV-vis-NIR spectroscopy under catalytic conditions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (20), 4366–4370 (2003).
Journal Article
M. Thiede and J. Melsheimer: In situ UV/Vis/near-IR diffuse reflection measurement of catalysts at temperatures up to 673 K. Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (2), 394–397 (2002).
Journal Article
E.E. Vogel, O. Mualin, H.-J. Schulz and M. Thiede: Rôle of the Jahn-Teller Coupling in the Luminescence Spectra of Fe2+ in Zinc-Blende Compounds. Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 201 (1-2), 99–109 (1997).
Journal Article
E.E. Vogel, O. Mualin, Orúe, J. Rivera-Iratchet, M.L. Flores, U.W. Pohl, H.-J. Schulz and M. Thiede: Infrared luminescence and application of a vibronic-coupling Hamiltonian to the level structure of CdTe:Fe2+. Physical Review B 50 (8), 5231–5238 (1994).
Journal Article
G. Goetz, U.W. Pohl, H.-J. Schulz and M. Thiede: Spectroscopic detection of the V+ (d4) acceptor state in zinc selenide and zinc sulfide. Journal of Luminescence 60-61, 16–20 (1994).
Journal Article
M.U. Lehr, H.-J. Schulz and M. Thiede: Bistable heating of solid samples immersed in liquid helium. Applied Physics A 57 (2), 167–169 (1993).

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