Publications of Björn Hülsen

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Journal Article
J.H. Dil, B. Hülsen, T.U. Kampen, P. Kratzer and K. Horn: Influence of the substrate lattice structure on the formation of quantum well states in thin In and Pb films on silicon. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (13), 135008 (2010).
Journal Article
B. Hülsen, M. Scheffler and P. Kratzer: Structural stability and magnetic and electronic properties of Co2MnSi(001)/MgO heterostructures: A density-functional theory study. Physical Review Letters 103 (4), 046802 (2009).
Journal Article
B. Hülsen, M. Scheffler and P. Kratzer: Thermodynamics of the Heusler alloy Co2-xMn1+xSi: A combined density functional theory and cluster expansion study. Physical Review B 79 (9), 094407 (2009).
Journal Article
J.H. Dil, T.U. Kampen, B. Hülsen, T. Seyller and K. Horn: Quantum size effects in quasi-free-standing Pb layers. Physical Review B 75, 161401 (2007).
Journal Article
B. Hülsen, F.X. Bronold, H. Fehske and K. Yonemitsu: Phase diagram of the excitonic insulator. Physica B 378-380, 267–268 (2006).
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