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Journal Article
J. Timoshenko, A. Bergmann, C. Rettenmaier, A. Herzog, R. Aran Ais, H. Jeon, F. Haase, U. Hejral, P. Grosse, S. Kühl, E. Davis, J. Tian, O. Magnussen and B. Roldan Cuenya: Steering the structure and selectivity of CO2 electroreduction catalysts by potential pulses. Nature Catalysis 5 (4), 259–267 (2022).
Journal Article
U. Hejral, J. Timoshenko, D. Kordus, M. Lopez-Luna, N.J. Divins, S. Widrinna, I. Zegkinoglou, L. Pielsticker, H. Mistry, J.A. Boscoboinik, S. Kühl and B. Roldan Cuenya: Tracking the phase changes in micelle-based NiGa nanocatalysts for methanol synthesis under activation and working conditions. Journal of Catalysis 405, 183–198 (2022).
Journal Article
H. Jeon, J. Timoshenko, C. Rettenmaier, A. Herzog, A. Yoon, S.W. Chee, S. Oener, U. Hejral, F. Haase and B. Roldan Cuenya: Selectivity control of Cu nanocrystals in a gas-fed flow cell through CO2 pulsed electroreduction. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (19), 7578–7587 (2021).

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