Publications of Adriana Supady

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Journal Article
A. Supady, S. Hecht and C. Baldauf: About Underappreciated Yet Active Conformations of Thiourea Organocatalysts. Organic Letters 19 (16), 4199–4202 (2017).
Journal Article
M. Marianski, A. Supady, T. Ingram, M. Schneider and C. Baldauf: Assessing the Accuracy of Across-the-Scale Methods for Predicting Carbohydrate Conformational Energies for the Examples of Glucose and α-Maltose. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 12 (12), 6157–6168 (2016).
Journal Article
A. Supady, V. Blum and C. Baldauf: First-Principles Molecular Structure Search with a Genetic Algorithm. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 55 (11), 2338–2348 (2015).
Journal Article
M. Barberis, T.D.G.A. Mondeel, C. Linke, A. Supady, A. Chasapi, W. Liebermeister, M. Loog, I. Xenarios and H. Kitano: Deciphering the design principles of dynamic cell cycle control. Yeast 32 (Suppl. 1), W3-1 (2015).

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Thesis - PhD
A. Supady: Exploring Molecular Conformational Space. Freie Universität Berlin
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