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Journal Article
T. Breuer, A. Karthäuser, H. Klemm, F. Genuzio, G. Peschel, A. Fuhrich, T. Schmidt and G. Witte: Exceptional Dewetting of Organic Semiconductor Films: The Case of Dinaphthothienothiophene (DNTT) at Dielectric Interfaces. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (9), 8384–8392 (2017).
Journal Article
S.P. Cooil, F. Mazzola, H. Klemm, G. Peschel, Y.R. Niu, A.A. Zakharov, M.Y. Simmons, T. Schmidt, D.A. Evans, J.A. Miwa and J.W. Wells: In Situ Patterning of Ultrasharp Dopant Profiles in Silicon. ACS Nano 11 (2), 1683–1688 (2017).
Journal Article
K. Schulz, R. Schmack, H. Klemm, A. Kabelitz, T. Schmidt, F. Emmerling and R. Kraehnert: Mechanism and Kinetics of Hematite Crystallization in Air: Linking Bulk and Surface Models via Mesoporous Films with Defined Nanostructure. Chemistry of Materials 29 (4), 1724–1734 (2017).
Journal Article
S.P. Cooil, E.A. Mørtsell, F. Mazzola, M. Jorge, S. Wenner, M.T. Edmonds, L. Thomsen, H. Klemm, G. Peschel, A. Fuhrich, M. Prieto, T. Schmidt, J.A. Miwa, R. Holmestad and J.W. Wells: Thermal migration of alloying agents in aluminium. Materials Research Express 3 (11), 116501 (2016).
Journal Article
H. Klemm, G. Peschel, E. Madej, A. Fuhrich, M. Timm, D. Menzel, T. Schmidt and H.-J. Freund: Preparation of silica films on Ru(0001): A LEEM/PEEM study. Surface Science 643, 45–51 (2016).

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Thesis - PhD
H. Klemm: Formation and properties of ultrathin silicon dioxide films on Ru(0001): an in-situ spectro-microscopy study. Technische Universität Berlin
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