Publications of A. K. Schmid

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Journal Article
B. Rausenberger, W. Swiech, A.K. Schmid, C.S. Rastomjee, W. Engel and A.M. Bradshaw: Investigation of the NO+H2 reaction on Pt{100} with low-energy electron microscopy. Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 94 (7), 963–970 (1998).
Journal Article
W. Swiech, C.S. Rastomjee, R. Imbihl, J.W. Evans, B. Rausenberger, W. Engel, A.K. Schmid, A.M. Bradshaw and E. Zeitler: On the complex structure of reaction-diffusion fronts observed during CO oxidation on Pt{100}. Surface Science 307-309 (A), 138–142 (1994).
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