Publications of Giulia Carini

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
N. Paßler, X. Ni, G. Carini, D.N. Chigrin, A. Alù and A. Paarmann: Layer-resolved resonance intensity of evanescent polariton modes in anisotropic multilayers. Physical Review B 107 (23), 235426 (2023).
Journal Article
N. Paßler, X. Ni, G. Hu, J.R. Matson, G. Carini, M. Wolf, M. Schubert, A. Alù, J.D. Caldwell, T.G. Folland and A. Paarmann: Hyperbolic shear polaritons in low-symmetry crystals. Nature 602 (7898), 595–600 (2022).

Preprint (1)

J. Matson, S. Waßerroth, X. Ni, M. Obst, K. Diaz-Granados, G. Carini, E. Renzi, E. Galiffi, T.G. Folland, L. Eng, J. Klopf, S. Mastel, S. Armster, V. Gambin, M. Wolf, S.C. Kehr, A. Alu, A. Paarmann and J. Caldwell: Controlling the Propagation Asymmetry of Hyperbolic Shear Polaritons in Beta-Gallium Oxide. Research Square, in press.
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