Publications of Hengshan Qiu

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
H. Qiu, H. Kuhlenbeck, E. Bauer and H.-J. Freund: Gold-Decorated Biphase α-Fe2O3(0001): Activation by CO-Induced Surface Reduction. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (13), 8221–8227 (2019).
Journal Article
H. Qiu, V. Staemmler, H. Kuhlenbeck, E. Bauer and H.-J. Freund: Weak thermal reduction of biphase Fe2O3(0001) films grown on Pt(111): Sub-surface Fe2+ formation. Surface Science 641, 30–36 (2015).
Journal Article
Y. Cui, Y. Pan, L. Pascua, H. Qiu, C. Stiehler, H. Kuhlenbeck, N. Nilius and H.-J. Freund: Evolution of the electronic structure of CaO thin films following Mo interdiffusion at high temperature. Physical Review B 91 (3), 035418 (2015).
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