Publications of Kai Wu

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
M.-S. Zei, K. Wu, M. Eiswirth and G. Ertl: The effect of different concentrations of chloride on the structure of Cu UPD on Pt(111). Electrochimica Acta 45 (4-5), 809–817 (1999).
Journal Article
K. Wu and M.-S. Zei: Electrochemical behavior and structural changes of a reconstructed Pt(100) electrode in sulfuric acid: a comparison with Pt(100)-(1×1). Surface Science 415 (1-2), 212–226 (1998).
Journal Article
H. Bludau, K. Wu, M.-S. Zei, M. Eiswirth, H. Over and G. Ertl: The structure of the underpotential deposition of copper on to Pt(111) in the presence of chloride anions: a LEED structure analysis. Surface Science 402 (1-3), 786–789 (1998).
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