Publications of Nikolay Berdunov

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
S.W. Lee, M. Lopez-Luna, N. Berdunov, W. Wan, S. Kunze, S.K. Shaikhutdinov and B. Roldan Cuenya: Unraveling surface structures of gallium promoted transition metal catalysts in CO2 hydrogenation. Nature Communications 14, 4649 (2023).
Journal Article
W. Wan, J. Geiger, N. Berdunov, M. Lopez-Luna, S.W. Chee, N. Daelman, N. López, S.K. Shaikhutdinov and B. Roldan Cuenya: Highly Stable and Reactive Platinum Single Atoms on Oxygen Plasma-Functionalized CeO2 Surfaces: Nanostructuring and Peroxo Effects. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (20), e202112640 (2022).
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