Publications of Weibo Wang

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
W. Wang, K. Liu and M.-S. Zei: Structure of oxygen and CO adsorption on Ru(0001) electrode. Chinese Chemical Letters 14 (2), 201–204 (2003).
Journal Article
J. Lee, W. Wang, M.-S. Zei and G. Ertl: Electrocatalytic oxidation of CO on Ru(0001) surfaces: The influence of surface disorder. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 4 (8), 1393–1397 (2002).
Journal Article
W. Wang, M.-S. Zei and G. Ertl: Electrosorption and electrooxidation of CO on Ru(0001). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 3 (16), 3307–3311 (2001).
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