Publications of Teng Fu

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Journal Article
T. Fu, Y. Wang, A.M. Wernbacher, R. Schlögl and A. Trunschke: Single-Site Vanadyl Species Isolated within Molybdenum Oxide Monolayers in Propane Oxidation. ACS Catalysis 9 (6), 4875–4886 (2019).
Journal Article
X. Li, D. Teschner, V. Pfeifer, T. Lunkenbein, L. Masliuk, T. Fu, Y. Wang, T. Jones, F. Seitz, F. Girgsdies, F. Rosowski, R. Schlögl and A. Trunschke: How to control selectivity in alkane oxidation? Chemical Science 10 (8), 2429–2443 (2019).
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