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Journal Article
M. Knauer, M.E. Schuster, D.S. Su, R. Schlögl, R. Niessner and N.P. Ivleva: Soot Structure and Reactivity Analysis by Raman Microspectroscopy, Temperature-Programmed Oxidation, and High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (50), 13871–13880 (2009).
Journal Article
G. Centi, M. Gangeri, M. Fiorello, S. Perathoner, J. Amadou, D. Bégin, M.J. Ledoux, C. Pham-Huu, M.E. Schuster, D.S. Su, J.-P. Tessonnier and R. Schlögl: The role of mechanically induced defects in carbon nanotubes to modify the properties of electrodes for PEM fuel cell. Catalysis Today 147, 287–299 (2009).
Journal Article
J.-P. Tessonnier, D. Rosenthal, T.W. Hansen, C. Hess, M.E. Schuster, R. Blume, F. Girgsdies, N. Pfänder, O. Timpe, D.S. Su and R. Schlögl: Analysis of the structure and chemical properties of some commercial carbon nanostructures. Carbon 47 (7), 1779–1798 (2009).
Journal Article
T. Thurnherr, D.S. Su, L. Diener, G. Weinberg, P. Manser, N. Pfänder, R. Arrigo, M.E. Schuster, P. Wick and H.F. Krug: Comprehensive evaluation of in vitro toxicity of three large-scale produced carbon nanotubes on human Jurkat T cells and a comparison to crocidolite asbestos. Nanotoxicology 3 (4), 319–338 (2009).

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Thesis - PhD
M.E. Schuster: Structure and Reactivity of Diesel Soot Particles from Advanced Motor Technologies. Technische Universität Berlin
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