Publications of G. Nowitzke

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
J. Dumschat, S.N. Kolesnik, G. Nowitzke, D. Herein, Y.S. Grushko and G. Wortmann: EXAFS Study of the Local Iodine Structure in C60(I2)x and in C70(I2)x. Journal de Physique IV 7 (C2), C2–649 -C2–650 (1997).
Journal Article
G. Nowitzke, M. Wohlers, T. Braun, R. Schlögl and G. Wortmann: Local Structure of Ru in Ru-C60 and Ru-Fullerene Black Compounds. Journal de Physique IV 7 (C2), C2–945-C2–946 (1997).
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