Publications of Yonghyuk Lee

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
S.-H. Yoo, L.S. Aota, S. Shin, A.A. El-Zoka, P.W. Kang, Y. Lee, H. Lee, S.-H. Kim and B. Gault: Dopant Evolution in Electrocatalysts after Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in an Alkaline Environment. ACS Energy Letters 8 (8), 3381–3386 (2023).
Journal Article
C. Panosetti, Y. Lee, A. Samtsevych and C. Scheurer: Black box vs gray box: Comparing GAP and GPrep-DFTB for ruthenium and ruthenium oxide. The Journal of Chemical Physics 158 (22), 224115 (2023).
Journal Article
Y. Lee, C. Scheurer and K. Reuter: Epitaxial Core-Shell Oxide Nanoparticles: First-Principles Evidence for Increased Activity and Stability of Rutile Catalysts for Acidic Oxygen Evolution. ChemSusChem 15 (10), e202200015 (2022).
Journal Article
J. Timmermann, Y. Lee, C. Staacke, J. Margraf, C. Scheurer and K. Reuter: Data-Efficient Iterative Training of Gaussian Approximation Potentials: Application to Surface Structure Determination of Rutile IrO2 and RuO2. The Journal of Chemical Physics 155 (24), 244107 (2021).
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