Publications of Luis Sandoval Diaz

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Journal Article
L. Sandoval Diaz, R. Schlögl and T. Lunkenbein: Quo Vadis Dry Reforming of Methane?—A Review on Its Chemical, Environmental, and Industrial Prospects. Catalysts 12 (5), 465 (2022).
Journal Article
L. Sandoval Diaz, M. Plodinec, D. Ivanov, S. Poitel, A. Hammud, H. Nerl, R. Schlögl and T. Lunkenbein: Visualizing the importance of oxide-metal phase transitions in the production of synthesis gas over Ni catalysts. Journal of Energy Chemistry 50, 178–186 (2020).
Journal Article
J. Velasco Velez, R. Mom, L. Sandoval Diaz, L. Falling, C.-H. Chuang, D. Gao, T. Jones, Q. Zhu, R. Arrigo, B. Roldan Cuenya, A. Knop-Gericke, T. Lunkenbein and R. Schlögl: Revealing the Active Phase of Copper during the Electroreduction of CO2 in Aqueous Electrolyte by Correlating In Situ X-ray Spectroscopy and In Situ Electron Microscopy. ACS Energy Letters 5 (6), 2106–2111 (2020).
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