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Journal Article
J. Uhlrich, B. Yang and S.K. Shaikhutdinov: Methanol Reactivity on Silica-Supported Ceria Nanoparticles. Topics in Catalysis 57 (14-16), 1229–1235 (2014).
Journal Article
B. Beck, M. Harth, N. Hamilton, C. Carrero, J. Uhlrich, A. Trunschke, S.K. Shaikhutdinov, H. Schubert, H.-J. Freund, R. Schlögl, J. Sauer and R. Schomäcker: Partial oxidation of ethanol on vanadia catalysts on supporting oxides with different redox properties compared to propane. Journal of Catalysis 296, 120–131 (2012).
Journal Article
R. Włodarczyk, M. Sierka, J. Sauer, D. Loeffler, J. Uhlrich, X. Yu, B. Yang, I. Groot, S.K. Shaikhutdinov and H.-J. Freund: Tuning the electronic structure of ultrathin crystalline silica films on Ru(0001). Physical Review B 85 (8), 085403 (2012).
Journal Article
J.J. Uhlrich, J. Sainio, Y. Lei, D. Edwards, R. Davies, M. Bowker, S.K. Shaikhutdinov and H.-J. Freund: Preparation and characterization of iron-molybdate thin films. Surface Science 605, 1550–1555 (2011).
Journal Article
D. Löffler, J. Uhlrich, M. Baron, B. Yang, X. Yu, L. Lichtenstein, L. Heinke, C. Büchner, M. Heyde, S. Shaikhutdinov, H.-J. Freund, R. Włodarczyk, M. Sierka and J. Sauer: Growth and structure of crystalline silica sheet on Ru(0001). Physical Review Letters 105 (14), 146104 (2010).
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