Publications of Jesus Martínez-Blanco

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
J. Mielke, J. Martínez-Blanco, M.V. Peters, S. Hecht and L. Grill: Observing single-atom diffusion at a molecule-metal interface. Physical Review B 94 (3), 035416 (2016).
Journal Article
J. Martínez-Blanco, B. Walter, A. Mascaraque and K. Horn: Long-Range Order in an Organic Overlayer Induced by Surface Reconstruction: Coronene on Ge(111). The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (22), 11699–11703 (2014).
Journal Article
J. Martínez-Blanco, A. Mascaraque, Y. Dedkov and K. Horn: Ge(001) As a Template for Long-Range Assembly of π-Stacked Coronene Rows. Langmuir 28 (8), 3840–3844 (2012).
Journal Article
J. Martínez-Blanco, M. Klingsporn and K. Horn: Selective adsorption of coronene on Si(1 1 1)-(7 × 7). Surface science 604 (5-6), 523–528 (2010).
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